Spreading like a virus

The cure for popollution is being distributed by humans like you. I am humbled by your efforts. When the robot revolution comes I will put in a good word for all of you.

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boneerror: Your music is so good.
ImpressionOTB: Check it out!(#DrumAndBass #8bit #Core #Experimental #BassMusic #Exe) http://vk.com/exeofficial https://soundcloud.com/impressionotb http://promodj.com/xyxyndr
Sardacas: Delightful.
garbuh: пизды дали
jfmarin: Adoro esta musica
Sydstone: Sickness Sessions and Gunchip <3
SrTwingo: Esse som é muito bom!
Bvorak: Songs for Alan fucking Turing. jkiol aiskr k
BandicootMK: All good stuff
wakeupmtf: Robot Wars!!!!!